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Experience the true taste of Thailand in Nelson

Looking for a traditional Thai restaurant where Thai chefs prepare every dish from scratch to bring you an authentic, uncompromised taste of Thailand?

Creating everything from scratch – the curry bases, the sauces and condiments – and sticking to our policy of “if it comes in a jar, we won’t use it”. Thai food is a combination of flavours that are all important and not to be disguised.

The emphasis is on using the very freshest and natural ingredients, because that is how traditional Thai food would be prepared in Thailand. Many people get hooked on Thai food because of its delicious aroma, it’s low in fat and not overcooked.

Chokdee sources as much locally grown produce as possible. Thai dishes depend on ingredients such as basil, kamfir lime leaves, and lemongrass. Sourcing these ingredients and others fresh is necessity to experience the true tastes of Thailand.

Because Chokdee make from scratch they can cater for all diets and tastes including Gluten Free, Nut Free, Vegan, onion and garlic. Chokdee also caters for all palates – from mild through to those who prefer their favourite, like Pad Thai, extra hot.

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