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Chokdee – experience the true taste of Thailand

Looking for a traditional Thai restaurant where Thai chefs prepare every dish from scratch to bring you an authentic, uncompromised taste of Thailand?

Look no further than Chokdee Thai Cuisine, conveniently located in beautiful Nelson.

Owner Sakawduean Muangthong says that people are often under the impression that Thai food is very hot and spicy, but in fact, Chokdee caters for all palates – from mild through to those who like their favourite Pad Thai extra hot. Families are enthusiastically welcomed as many of the dishes (such as the chicken satay) are mild, tasty and very popular with children.

“Thai food is a combination of flavours that are all important and not to be disguised,”
says Sakawduean.

She adds that many people get hooked on Thai food because of its delicious aroma and because the dishes are low in fat and not overcooked. At Chokdee, every dish is prepared only when the chef receives the order, so the vegetables are always perfectly tender and full of flavour.

The emphasis is on using the very freshest ingredients, because that is how they would prepare food in Thailand the traditional way. For Sakawduean, this means creating everything from scratch – the curry bases, the sauces and condiments…

…and sticking to their policy of “if it comes in a jar we won’t use it”.

She says that many of the Thai dishes depend on ingredients such as basil, kamfir lime leaves, lemongrass, coriander and lemon juice. Sourcing these ingredients fresh all year round is very time consuming, but a necessity if Chokdee’s diners are to experience the true tastes of Thailand. And she says the result is always worth the extra effort.

Chokdee is continually expanding the menu to complement the permanent popular favourites. Recent additions include Jungle Curry, a really healthy dish with no coconut milk and P11 a hot, spicy mix of stir-fry vegetables, herbs and spices cooked in a green curry paste, served with your choice of meat and garnished with coconut cream.

Presentation is a big part of the Chokdee experience, from the sumptuous, polished surroundings to the traditional Thai dress worn by all of the friendly staff, to the incredibly intricate vegetable carving that garnishes the dishes. The service at Chokdee cannot be faulted. “We believe in treating our customers as we would treat our friends,” says Sakawduean.

With lunchtime meals from $12, Chokdee also represents fantastic value for money.

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